Deities of the Amruthapuri- Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam
List of Dieties
Sri Vinayagar Sri Yoga Narasimhar
Sri Srinivasa Perumal Sri Madhuravalli Thayar
Sri Andal Sri Mantra Raja, Nagapasa Amruthakalasa Sri Garuda Bhagavan
Sangada Vimochana Sanjeevi Parvath Hanuman Sri Kuberan
Sri Vishvaksenar Sri Periya Thiruvadi - Garudar
Sri Vinayagar {Ganapathi}
" Ganapathi Endrida kalangum Valvinai
 Ganapathi Endrida Kaalanum Kaithozhum
 Ganapathi Endrida Karmamum Vilakidum
 Ganapathi Endrida Kavalaiyum Ningume "

Thudhiporku Valvinaipom, (For those who worship, all accumulated sins are gone), Thunbampom (Misery is gone), Nengil padiporku Selvam Palithu kathithongum, (for those who have enshrined in their hearts (the name Ganapathi), Wealth becomes a reality or possibility, in accordance to the above verses, for those devotees who always think of him, he is always present; for fulfilling any activity that is begun, or for fulfilling any desires, there is no equal to ‘Vinayaga Peruman’. For fulfilling any activity without any ‘Vignam’ or obstacles, he is praised as “Vigneshwarar”.

 One who is Worshipped by the thirty three crores Devas, one who removes all obstacles, one who bestows and fulfills all ‘ishta artha siddhis’ or desires, one who bestows all well being and profits, one who is capable of giving ‘Sarva Jana, Dhana Vasikarana Sakthi’ (or the power to attract all people and wealth); Both the celestials and the humans are aware of the Greatness of the one who is known as ‘Sri Navagraha Varsiddhi Vinayaka Peruman’. This is also mentioned and elaborated in “Vinayaga Ganesa Puranam”, “Brahma Puranam”, and in “Suryaruna Karma Vipakam”. For one who seeks and worships him, in accordance with the sayings, “Nal En Seiyyum”, or “What can

time do”, “Vinai Than En Seiyyum”, (What may even Karma do), “Enai Nadi Vanda Kol En Seiyyum”, or (What may the effects of planets have on me), everyone is aware that “Sri Navagraha Vinayaka Murthy” is capable of finishing with benefits any activity that is begun with his Grace. The Puranas expound his Greatness in a lot many ways. Sri Ganesa Puranam (or) Vinayaka Puranam


Aadhareprathamam Maahehyam
Thaaradeepam Swathishe
Manipoorake Bhudham
Hrudhi Sukram
Brumadhye Sahasrakiranam
Bruhaspathim Prakootasthale
Dinamanesoonum Paasaayudhe
Ankuse Raghum, Nithyam, Namami
Navagraha Ganesam Ayushye

This is how He is described in “Vinayaka Puranam”.
The seven planets and the two nodes of the moon Rahu and Kethu are in the positions as mentioned viz., “Surya or (Sun), in the forehead which is known as “Brumadmam”, Chandra or Moon in the navel which is Swathista, Sevvai or Mars in the right thigh which is Mooladhara, Kethu (South Node of the Moon) in the left thigh which is Mooladhara, Bhudha in the right hand which is Manipooraka, Guru in the Siras or head which is Prakootasthanam, Sukran or Venus in the left hand which is Hrudaya Sthanam or the seat of the heart, Sani or Saturn in the upper right shoulder in the Nigraha Sthanam, Rahu (North Node of the Moon) in the left shoulder which is in the Anugraha Sthanam, people who worship this Varasiddhi Vinayakar are blessed with a long life, the power to attract people and wealth, Salvation and all sorts of Siddhis.    

The following is the sloka from Brahma Puranam:
"  Yasya Yasya, Yatha Dhustaaha
Tasya, Yatnena Poojayet
Brahmamanaisham Varodhatthaha
Poojayishtat- Poojithaha "

Brahma Deva has said that in whichever horoscope there be any Papa Grahas or malefic planets, for those who meditate or worship this Navagraha Vinayakar, he confers boons as desired by the devotees.

In Suryaruna Karma Vipaakam, this is the Sloka:
              " Ete, Nityam, Vandhaniyaat
               Apat Kaale Viseshathaha
               Ayushkaamam Iswaryam
               Navagraha Vinayakam Dhyanayet "