Significance of Salegramam

The Spiritual Value of  Salagramam

Most of us are eager to know what a "Salagramam" is and how it has to be worshipped. The Vedha Sastras describe the three nifestations of the 'Thirumeni' of Lord Vishnu that enable the devotees to worship Him.

The three manifestations are categorized as Swayam Vyaktham , Maanusham and Salagramam. Salagramam is a holy place about 75 kms from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The divine town is 14,750 ft. high from the sea level. The place is also hailed as Mukthi Narayana kshethram and Mukthinath. There is a tank called "Dhamothara Kuntam' 72 kms from Mukthinath. A holy river called Kantaki gushes out from the said tank. A dip in this sacred river followed by the dharshan of Lord Visshnu in the form of Salagramam is believed to erase all the sins and certain to gift the devotee 'Mukthi'. Hence the name Mukthi kshethram.

The river Kantaki is regarded as equal to that of the Ganges. It was worshipped as Hiranyavathi in the Kirutha Yuga. The very name 'Hiranyam' denotes gold. There is no wonder that in this holy river, Vishnu and Siva in the form of Salagramam with golden rays are being produced.

"Bruhath Sthothra Rathnakaram" is a very old and popular book in Sanskrit with authenticity. This is an unparalled book that describes the spiritual values of Salagramam, its various kinds and the mode in it has to be worshipped etc.

Sri Narasimha Puranam, Sri Thathva Nidhi and Sri Vedhantha Rudhra Bashyam are the famous books that also speak highly and beautifully about the kinds of Salagramam , their divine values , the story of river Kantaki and when and why Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Salagramam.

Why Lord incarnated as Salagramam

The ratio between the innocent and the wicked is not always the same. The index has been a changing factor. In the Thretha and Dhuvabhara yuga innocents(saadhus) were the majority ones. The wicked were the minority.

This has become vice verse in this Kali Yuga i.e. the wicked and the criminals are the manority now. Admittedly the innocent has become a rare species. People are forced to think that it is foolish to be very innocent in this world of fraud and prejudice. Even those who have the inclination to worship god with Bhakthi would be tempted to commit evil acts. Only to
alleviate the common man from these evils Vishnu has showed an easier way of worship. Worshipping through easy ways and thereby getting the benefits and finally to reach mukthi which is the main objective of our birth in this world. Lord Vishnu is bhakthi bound and hence he has assumed the form of Salagramam, a mode of simplification of the Omniscient.

Divya Desam is a holy place that is praised by the Aazhwars their poetic works. A house where 12 Salagramam is worshipped is equal to a Divya Desam.

"The most important and the fundamental thing that is essential for the worship of Salagramam is Bhakthi alone and nothing else. May be, one has committed a heinous crime or offence or sin. But when he sits down and worships the salagramam with a strong determination not to repeat such sins in the future will be relieved of all such sins" vouches Bruhath Rathnakaram.

Due to the evil effect of Kali Purusha, we are not interested to chant the name of Vishbnu. But if one just worships and Salagramam and recite His names, Lord's blessings will shower on such a devotee.This is due to the fact that He has simplified Himself to the devotee.

When our mind is subjected to various temptations and vacillations in additions to the changing environments, the Salagrama worship comes in 'handy'.

Temples have been constructed with due observance of lthe Vedha Aakama sastras starting from the temple tower to the sanctum sanctorium. Every part of the temple including the installation of the idols have been empowered with proper mantra and yanthra. Strict observaance of the rules have to be followed to worship the deities in a temple. There are many restriction imposed to a devote including the purity of heart. Only then could he have a dharshan. The restrictions imposed on the priests of the temple are stricter. The priest has to be a veteran in the vedha Aahama saastra . Also he has to be very pious and observe the rituals laid down for performing the