Padayatra - journey by foot, is a journey to interact more closely with different parts of society, to propagate, educate about and get attention to the motive of an organization, for a good or common cause and to galvanize the supporters.
Padayatra at Sri Srinivasa niketan, is aimed at World peace and Unity. People of various sections of Society, different segments of Economy, across religion, unite with the common motive.

As a procedure, Sri Srinivasa Perumal of Sri Srinivasa Niketan, carries Thiru Kodaigal, from Sri Srinivasa Niketan, Nungambakkam, and offer them to Sri Srinivasa Perumal in Amruthapuri.

Presided by Bhagwan Srimad Sri Sitarama Swami, devotees start from Nungambakkam on the 3rd Tuesday, so that they reach on 3rd Saturday of Purrattasi Month(Tamil Month of Sep-Oct).

Devotees of various walks of life, without any discrimination of Caste, creed, religion or Age and gender, join Swami for the 5 days journey, well planned in 7 stages, to experience an effort-less walk of 75km distance.

The Program begins with, eminent personalities, and heads of various religions addressing the gathering. They wish the Niketan, Swami and his devotees for the successful divine venture.

 Yatra starts from Nungambakkam at around 4.30 pm and reaches the first stage destination, Alandur by 8pm. Starts the second day from Alandur at around 5am and reaches the next destination, such that its reached before, the Sun reaches its forenoon peak, at around 9am. With an inspirational, Divine speech of Swamiji at 3.30pm, Yatra starts again from Pallavaram to reach Tambaram by 8pm.

Thus, the stages of Guduvanchery, Singaperumal Koil, Chengelpet, Pukkatthurai, are crossed in total 4 days. On Saturday, around 10 am, with the great throng of Matathipathis, Swamijis, Siddha purshas and devotees, hailing the names and greatness of our beloved Swami and the Lord Sri Srinivasa Perumal, yatra reaches the Ultimate Destination -  Sri Amruthapuri – Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam.

Most awaited event, the Meeting of the 2  Lords and offering of the Thiukkodais enstages, when Swamiji handsover the Thirukkodai, brought from Sri Srinivasa Niketan. Thus the Yatra, with the Universal Divine cause, ends for the year

Such a grandeur, is being conducted by Bhagwan Srimad Sitarama swami accompanied by Sri Tara Matha, every year and the present Pada Yatra is the 37th in succession.