Gosamrakshana salai

Sri Govinda upasakar Sri Tara Nayika Sametha Sri Seethrama Swamigal has been performing many spiritual, religious and Social activities through Sri Srinivasa Niketanam since 1976, for the welfare and the development of mankind. His various activities include Monthly Free Medical Camp for the nearby villages at Amruthapuri, sponsoring free education for some of the capable students, helping handicapped children – in their studies and morally supporting them – at a blind school in Pondicherry, performing various kinds of Homams, Poojas and rituals for the development of the every individual and their families. One such activities is the Gosamarakshana Salai at Amruthapuri.

Branded fodder and good quality hay are provided to the Cattle. The place surrounding, the Gosalai is kept clean and tidy. Dedicated staff are appointed to look after the Cattle and also to maintain the cleanliness. Veterinarians are arranged, for the regular check ups, to visit the Gosalai. As per their prescription medicines are provided to every cattle and case histories are maintained individually. Medical Insurance is availed for every cattle in order to give them a good medical care. A lot of care and attention is paid toward their health and hygiene. Each and every cattle is given a name in order to give them attention individually and this also helps to maintain their own histories. In emergencies also, Veterinarian are called for and if required they are brought to Chennai for further treatment. Surgeries and operations are also performed for the cattle as and when required.

His Holiness Swamigal is also giving care to those cattle that are left unattended by providing them shelter in the Gosalai. Go-Dhanam is accepted / given for the convenience of mankind. Go-poojas are also performed frequently.

Infrastructure of Gosalai ::Two large sheds are available for the accommodation of the Cattle.
Well Ventilated and protected to withstand all types of Climatic conditions.
Provision is made for the convenient consumption of fodder, hay and water to the Cattle.
Separate storage area for hay and Fodder.
 A large grazing area for the Cows & Cattle to move around freely.
Frequently washed and kept clean by the dedicated workers.
Regular anti-mosquito sprays and anti-termite treatments are given.
Electric insectocutors are maintained to keep away insects and files.
Contributions to Go Salai is invited
Interested philanthropists / devotees are requested to contribute in cash / kind.
May adopt a cow for Rs. 1000 per month towards maintenance, fodder and medical expenses.
Donate materials such as grass, fruits incense, cleansing materials,etc..,