Social Service

1. In Thirumalaivaiyavur, from 1999, every month there is a free medical camp being organized from which around 50000 members have benefited up to now. Free medicines are also being distributed. On 11-6-2002, in the medical camp organized in Madurai, D. Kallupatti Perurai, around 500 poor people have benefited.
2. More than 100 poor people have benefited by programs conducted where in free eye surgery has been done; contact lenses were administered where necessary and spectacles given away for free. Clothes were also distributed at this time.
3. In the places named Paranur near chengleput and ravuthan kuppam near pondicherry, nearly 50 leprosy afflicted persons have benefited by free eye surgeries for whom contact lenses have been fitted where necessary.  Free spectacles were also given away for some.  Here again, garments were distributed for free.

4. In the place called Paranur near chengleput, nearly 400 leprosy afflicted people who belong to a home for the destitute and poor, affiliated to the Government of Tamilnadu, have benefited by the ‘Annadanam’ ( poor feeding ) program and free distribution of clothes program conducted by Niketanam on every Deepavali and New Year days.

5. Apart from the above, blood donation camp, annadanam for the blind and deaf children, distribution of sweets for the mentally challenged children are also being done regularly.
6. Marriages are being performed for the poor and financial assistance also provided to them for launching on their new lives and for maintenance of their families.
7. Assistance is provided for poor students for continuation of their studies.
8. Tricycles and artificial legs are given away to the physically challenged.
9. There is a ‘Gosala’ in amruthapuri for taking care of cows especially abandoned ones.
10. With the help of ‘Veterinary Hospitals’ affiliated to the Government of Tamilnadu, free treatment has been given to cattle.
11. In Thirumalaivaiyavur, a ‘Balwadi’ (for children), building has been built and handedover to ‘ICDS;.  Moreover, a water tank has also been constructed for use by children.
12. There are many more schemes like the above being done.