Latest Developments

1.Massive Compound wall is Under Contruction:
Compound wall around the Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam is in progress. Wall of 3 km length and 2 ft breadth is planned to be built, with 1008 sculptures of Shri Hanuman inscribed in it.

2.Annadana Koodam:
A hall of around 2000 sqft is constructed for the purpose of Anna Daanam on the festivals like, Padayatra last day.

3.In an effort of making the Ramanuja Yogavanam, serve as a single resort for all Divine and Spiritual purposes, to the people who are of dharmik nature, Swamiji has planned to construct a pond with Vishnu Padam. On completion of the same, the place would be ideal to offer to our ancestors. Srartha karmas can be done here, instead of going in search places in North India.
4.With the same objective in mind, plan for Siddar Peetam is on Papers. The Vigrahas of the 18 Siddars are ready to be consecrated.
5.Plan to build Swami Ayyappan sannidhi is under progress.
6.Free Medical Camp has reached a new milestone of 151st by the Month of Jan2012