Kanchi Maha Periyavar
Sri Amruthapuri Ramanuja Yogavanam
an Introduction In the words of Swami Himself
The wonderful ‘Kshetram’ or place named ‘Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam’ which is a confluence or congregation of all communities in the society ( Dhyana Mandapam ), is situated near the bird sanctuary called ‘vedanthangal’, this ‘Yogavanam’ being the sanctuary of all devotees.
Sriyaha, one who is the husband or protector, one who is the Lord of the Universe or all the countless worlds ( Akilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayakanai)
(Avapta Samastha Kaamanai), one who resides in Sri Vai Kuntam (Sri Vai Kuntha Nikethananai), of all the many incarnations or manifestations of the Lord Vishnu, the avatar that the Lord has assumed now in Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam! Sri Madhuravalli Sametha Sri Srinivasa Peruman’, who happens to be a God who talks to his devotees directly, is for his devotees to attain all their desires or Sowbhagyams; is also for protecting the world and for establishing Dharma or righteousness.
Thiruvarangam, which is surrounded by the waters of ponni or ‘Kaveri’, Kachi, which is surrounded by high rise walls made of stone, the beautiful hills of Venkatam, which is always surrounded by the celestials, the hills of Singavel, which is highly inaccessible and inhospitable and which cannot be seen easily, Sri Kurmam, which has always the waves of the oceans beating on it, Puri Jagannath, which is also known as Purushothamam, Badrikasaram, which is praised by all those in the world, Naimicharanyam, which is worshipped by the celestials, the praiseworthy Dwaraka, Triveni sangamam, the Prayaga, Madura which is in the North, Ayodhya, which is surrounded by high rise walls, Gaya Kshetram which is blessed by Sudhadhara, Pushkara, Salagrama Hills, which is full of beauty, were visited by Sri Ramanuja. (refer Parasara Bhattar’s Rangaraja Stotram 7). Before becoming Ramanuja Muni, the present Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam in Vaiyavur, is the place where Sri Ramanuja resided happily and performed Tapas.
One whose illusions were removed, with the Grace of the Lord, having received the ‘Gnanam or Supreme Knowledge’, one who gave us the meaning of the verses (Commentaries) in the Vedas, is the one who is known as Sri Ramanujan of Sri Perumbudur, of bountiful mercy and kindness. For the purpose of having ‘Pancha Samskaram’ performed as ordained by Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Peruman, from Peria Nambi, who is very dear to Arangesar (Sri Ranganathan), who is worshipped by Umbar, when Sri Ramanujan was on his way to Madurantakam, the place where he resided and stayed is the present place known as ‘Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam’.
In the past, when Sri Rama, the eldest son of Dasaratha, who along with Sri Lakshmana, who happens to be the incarnation of the King of all Snakes and a wondrous Great Light, Ananta, when on their way in search of the Daughter of Janaka, Sita, who is Gentle like the flower lily, this Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam happens to be the place where they stayed.
Sri Rama, who spelt terror in the minds of the descendants of Lanka (Rakshasas or demons), who is much praised by the celestials, bathed in the pond in Yogavanam along with his brother, Lakshmana, and from then it was referred to as ‘Thalai Magan Thirukulam’, (Literally Elder Brother’s Pond), and with the passing of time, it came to known as ‘Thalaiyari Kulam’ and now it is known as ‘Amrutha Pushkarani’ or (ksheera kuntam) which name has been given to us in the ‘Arul Vakku’ of the Lord, and is now situated in ‘Amruthapuri’ or Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam.
Amruthapuri is a Great congregation of society or religions, which is capable of ridding us of the cycle of births and deaths, bestows eternal happiness in paradise, and makes us talented in multiple dimensions. In this confluence of society which is also a ‘Temple of the society’, Sri Madhuravalli Nayika Sametha Sri Srivinvasa Perumal resides as ‘Amruthapuri Vasan’ and is manifested as ‘Amrutham’ or ‘Elixir’ and bestows on his devotees ‘a life without death in Eternity’, he also bestows other material benefits and comforts.
  " Sakrutheva Prapannaya Twaasmithicha Yaachathe
Abayam Sarva Bhuthebyo Dhadaami Ethat Vratham Mama "
In line with what he has he promised in ‘(Valmiki Ramayanam, Yuddha Kandam, 18.3)’, if a person or individual were to surrender to him even once in his lifetime saying that he belongs to the Lord, (Twameham, meaning ‘I belong to you’), he is ready to give his ‘Abhya’ or ‘Protection’. Moreover, as proclaimed in Gita, it is also a ‘Mokshapuri’,
  " Thapamyamaham Varsham Nikruhnam Yatsrujamasi
Amrutham Chaiva Mrutyuscha Sadaschaham Arjuna "

(Bhagavad Gita 9-19)

and a place which rids one of all one’s ailments, Amruthapuri, Ramanuja Yogavanam is a place (confluence of society, Dhayana Mandapam) where ‘Sri Srinivasan or Govindan’ is seated for solving all the multifarious problems of his devotees and is known as ‘Kurai Theerkum Govindan’ or Govindan who finds remedies for the problems of his devotees.
You need not ever say, ‘ I am a sinner’. The reason being that ‘You are a child of amrutham or ‘Elixir’’; thus proclaimed the Upanishads and this feeling is very much reflected and endorsed by Sri Amruthapuri which is a congregation of society.
Sri Amruthapuri Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam is a loving mother who wipes away the tears of the poor or meek; “ Srun vanthu Viswe, Amruthasya Puthraah” (Upanishad). It is a ‘Gnana Deepam’ or ‘Light of Knowledge’ to those who wallow in darkness or ‘Anthahkaram’. For the persons named Rama, Rahim, Krishna and Christ, this Sri Amruthapuri Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam is the place which gives ‘Manasika Upadesam’ or initiation.

Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam is a ‘Congregation of the World’ and expounds or teaches the philosophy of ‘Soul which is beyond all religions’ and the philosophy which only unifies but does not break ‘Humankind’ into splinters. So, according to the nature of Humans, Sri Amruthapuri teaches or instructs the secret of a wholesome life.

" Yasmin Sarvaani Bhuutaani
Aatmai Vaa Bhuur Vijaanathaha
Thatra KoMohaKah Sokah
Ekathva Manu Pasyathi "
Sokam and Moham are non existent to the person who perceives ‘Atman’ or the ‘Soul’ in all things according to Yajur Vedam.
The place Amruthapuri is also the Upanishads which is the end of all Vedas. Since Amruthapuri’s philosophy is also the same as of the Upanishads, Bhagavan tells us the philosophy of the Vedas as under:
" Vidhya Vinaya Sampanne
Brahmane Kavi Hasthini
Suni Chaiva Swapaakecha
Panditha Samadharsanaha "
An Atma Gnani or the Self Realised is one who deems as one, the Brahman who is endowed with learning and humility, the cow, a dog and the person who eats the flesh of a dog.
Sri Srinivasa Niketan’s Amruthapuri is making the essence of Sanatana Dharma to manifest throughout the world.
Whatever are the divisions of religions, if one were to see crossing the boundaries of religions with the realization of the one self in all, Sri Amruthapuri Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam is the place which gives the Vedas to all the people of the world and there is not the slightest doubt in this. This also explains the Atma Tatwa or philosophy of the soul of Vedanta, Siddhanta and Sarva Samaya Samarasa Sanmarga (Unity of religions).