Message from Swamiji

My dear Atmabandhu,
Serve –Love-Give generously – purify yourself – meditate – try to realize yourself. (Serve-Love-Give-Purify-Meditate-Realize), this is the way in which an ordinary human life gets transformed into a Godly life and way.  Sri Srinivasa Niketanam is formed with the objective of making this kind of Godly life possible for every human.
Exercise your body, cultivate your mind, use your brain and intellect in useful ways – it is then that the soul’s mission finds fulfillment. Sri Srinivasa Niketanam is a ‘Gnana Peetam’ or ‘Throne of Enlightment’ which gives this four fold philosophy of ‘Body-Mind-Intellect-Soul’. A godly life is one which is highly disciplined. Realization of one’s self alone constitutes real knowledge.  I am living an exemplary life to prove a point to everyone that ‘Faith in God’ alone is the true support to everyone in the world.  Is it not the maladies relating to the mind that needs to be cured? Such was the thought that sprang within me.  This thought also took the form and manifestation of the holy sacrificial fire in a yaga, and gave rise to an intuitive realization ‘Sarvam Vishnu mayam Jagat’. Thus was born the religious and charitable institution

named ‘Sri Srinivasa Niketanam’ which is for all religions and castes and which also has as its ideal the ‘Divine way of Life’ for everyone.It is not enough if you sympathize with your fellow humans by speaking good and kind words to them; whatis more important is to translate all the good ideas you have into practice and help the poor and downtrodden in every useful way; it is only then that you can consider yourself as having done service. For all this to happen, you need a heart that bleeds for your fellow humans. You need also have to have a charitable disposition.
A human being is a small fragmentary part of ‘Nature’. He imagines that he is acting independently.  But meditation will help him realize that he is but a small part of the universe and that his actions actually flow out of the bigger design which is the ‘cosmic whole’. The fruit of all these actions is realized in the effort to purify oneself.
Without the body, there are no senses.  Without the senses, there are no feelings; without feelings, mind does not exist; without the mind, there is no intellect.  Without all these, how does one realize the soul or its mission?
A healthy mind is found only in a healthy body.
Sri Srinivasa Niketanam is the place where people of all religions, color and language achieve their goals by doing service with feeling and fervor. This is also known by another name which is ‘Amruthapuri’.  As Swami Sivananda said, ‘Serenity, Regularity, absence of vanity, simplicity, veracity, equanimity, fixity non-irritability, adaptability, humanity, tenacity, integrity, nobility, magnanimity, charity, genorisity and purity.  Practice daily these eithteen ‘ities’.  You will soon attain immortality.  You will abide in
infinity and eternity.  You will behold unity in diversity. You can’t get this in the University.  For people and mankind, who are now in search of peace, the establishment named Sri Srinivasa Niketanam and place named ‘Amruthapuri’ or ‘Ramanuja Yogavanam’ show the way.
All that is told above represent the objectives of Sri Srinivasa Niketanam as told by Sri Govinda Upasakar Bhagavan Srimad Seetharama Swamigal.