Sravana Deepam

In the contemporary world of today, without being established in ‘Self’, Forgetting our culture, with the mind losing its sobriety, being absorbed in obscene and vulgar pastime and lavish entertainment, the mind and actions of people are drawn in diverse uncontrolled ways. In order to stop this decay of the mind and society and for sowing the seeds of Bakthi or devotion in the minds of people, Sri Srinivasa Niketanam has been established.

The Lord talks(Prophecy) to his devotees from their minds at the propitiate or appropriate time.
On the Auspicious day, when the star of the day is Sravana(thiruvonam), SRAVANA DEEPAM is hailed for the goodness of every-being on the earth. Sraavanam means to Hear. On the event of Sravana Deepam, we are privileged to hear the LORD, directly.

In all forms of lives that have been created, the seeming differences like the high and low, or the big and small that exist in external appearances need to be totally forgotten and dissolved; in order to turn our minds to the self within, the ‘Gnana Deepam’ that is lighted is what is known as Sravana Deepam.
 Sri Govinda’s Mani Mozhi or sayings are such that they tell us to turn all our varied emotions in one direction, towards God, for every human who is ruled by emotions or feelings.
One needs to perform one’s actions in a detached way. The reason being that attachment paves the way for rebirth; it is Thiruvona Deepam that shows the way to humans to attain salvation by freeing one from all attachments.
To love God without any selfish desires or any motive of profits is what is known as Bakthi Yogam. Giving all that one asks, for those Mahatmas who are devoted for the sake of devotion only and who ask not anything for themselves, Sri Amruthapuri vasan is  a form of sacrifice who gives himself to such Mahatmas; he also initiates to people by this Thiruvona Deepam the art of transforming Bakthi into a Yogam.
                      Mananekam – Vachasekam
                     Karmanekam – Mahatmanaha

Sravana Deepam’s philosophy is to attain oneness of Mind, word and Deed.  Those who have attained such oneness alone are Mahatmas.

It is a ‘Gnana Yagnam’ to worship the Lord on Thiruvonam and have darshan of Deepam. According to the vakku, “Neruppenna Nindra Nedumaale Unnai Aruththithu Vandom Paraitharuthiyaakil”, it is possible for us to establish our connection with the Lord who speaks. Deepa Darisanam paves the way for one to be rid of one’s sins and lead a pure life.  “Karma Vinaikal Thiyinal Dusagum” or the result of one’s karma are reduced to ashes in fire; so is the vakku (Statement) of Andal and in keeping with this saying, Sravana Deepam cuts asunder all one’s karmas. The darkness of ‘Agyana’ (ignorance)  is removed and the light of ‘Meignanam’ (Self Knowledge) is lit.  From the great malady that is cowardice, one is exalted to immeasurable capacity and power, by Sravana Deepam. After freeing one from the bondage of one’s senses, the Sravana Deepam  rejuvenates one as a Bodhamrutham or elixir of knowledge.
For those who have slipped away from one’s duty, the Deepam of Perumal teaches an apt lesson.  After explaining what fate is all about, the Deepam of Thriumal also explains about the freedom which exists beyond and above fate and the right of action which everyone enjoys.  With no room for any confusion, if one performs one’s actions without any blemishes, with a reformed mind, established in righteousness, doing only actions which are based on purity, with a resolute will and truthfulness, on the path of Dharma,  Amruthapuri’s Deepam acts as a ‘Oli Vilakku’ or beacon of light, for realizing the goal of one’s birth.
As an ocean of Devotion and Gnana, Sri Amruthapuri Sri Srinivasa Peruman’s Thiruvona Deepam’s extent or reach or spread happens to be such that no one is in a position to fathom or measure it; this is the opinion of the Gnanis (Knowledgeable souls) who are also devotees and of devotees who also happen to be Gnanis.
Whoever approaches in whatever fashion, without ignoring anyone, embracing one and all, Sravana Deepam is a Great ocean of mercy, which allows one and all to exercise one’s right of love on it.
“All paths lead only towards Him”, are the words of  Thirumal, who came as Githacharyan.
  Being always balanced and above praise or censure, realizing the ‘Athmanubhavam’ or ‘experience of the soul’,  Sravana Deepam happens to be a Bhodamrutham which helps in realizing the goal of this birth.
In order that the fame of the Thirumal who resides in Sri Amruthapuri may spread in all directions, in order that all the social welfare schemes of the peruman who talks to his devotees, Sri Madhuravalli Nayika sametha Sri Srinivasa Peruman may flourish, the Deepam which is performed in Amruthapuri, is a  beacon of light and one that mitigates all one’s suffering for those who worship this Deepam.
         “ God is powerful-  God is one that sustains our lives”. -         As pronounced by Swami Himself-

Is a process in which one or more messages that have been communicated to a true prophet[1] are then communicated to others by this true prophet. Such messages typically involve divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of conditioned events to come (cf. divine knowledge) as well as testimonies or repeated revelations that the world is divine.[citation needed] The process of prophecy especially involves reciprocal communication of the true prophet with the (divine) source of the messages