1008 Thiruvillakku poojai - 01 Feb- 2013'

'Thiru-vilakku' or 'Kuthu-vilakku' is an artistically crafted lamp, which invariably finds a place in the shrines, especially, in South Indian Hindu homes. It is the symbol of Mahalakshmi, the deity of Fortune and Prosperity. Thiruvilakku Pujai aims at collectively worshipping Mahalakshmi, mostly in temples, by a large number of women at a time.
Thiruvilakku Pujai is organized and performed by womenfolk alone. Each woman brings a Thiruvilakku, invokes the presence of Mahalakshmi in it, and worships Her.
This puja is a sight for gods. Apart from its religious value, it achieves twofold purpose; one, it unites Hindu women and, second, it offers a unique dignity to them as they are able to worship directly, which is generally denied for women.

Ecological benefit can also be derived from the pooja. The Deepa is lightened with Mustard Oil or Ghee. This has a significant effect on the Environment and reduces the effects of pollution, carbon deposits etc. when these many deepas are lightened at single point of time at a single place.

In Amruthapuri every Third Friday of Tamil Month ‘Thai’, thiruvilakku poojai is conducted. 1008 sumangali’s gather at the Yogavanam, in afternoon. All the basic requirements are given by the Niketanam. Details of things to be brought and other procedures/instructions are given to the Devotees alongwith the invitation.

This Year’s Thiruvilakku Poojai, was conducted on 3rd Jan 2012 in the presence His Holiness Sri Seetharama Swami, alongwith Tara Matha. It was very eventful with 1008 Sumangalis gathering under one roof, for the universal peace and well being.

Vaikunta Ekadesi 2012