Deities of the Amrutapuri- Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam

Sri Srinivasa Perumal

Sri Srinivasa Perumal or Sri Amruthapurivasan:  Sri Srinivasa Perumal who has manifested himself in Thirumalai, appeared in the form of a small child before Bhagavan Sadguru Sri Swamigal, and ordered that he be consecrated in Sri Amruthapuri Ramanuja Yogavanam which is a congregation of society, and he also ordained that this sculpture be similar to what is seen in Thirumalai; his wish is also that there should be no discrimination made in the name of religion, caste or class, nor should there be any distinction between the high and the low, and that he should be worshipped with the thought that by birth all are equal. The consecration of the Lord has also been done bearing all the above pronouncements in mind. Just as is done in Thirumalai, Sravana Deepam, Sarva Deepa Alankara Pooja, Kalyana Urchavam, Thirupavadai, Netra Sevai, Laksha Deepam, Ratha Sapthami and such other festivals,
are being performed in a manner that people of all religions may participate in this. Whatever benefits are achieved by worshipping the Lord in Thirupati, is also achieved by worshipping this Lord here who bestows his bountiful mercy on his devotees and fulfils their desires.

Sri Madhuravalli Thayar

The Goddess of the first Yuga, Sri Madhuruvalli Thayar who has her Sannathi in Madurai Koodalazaghar Temple, showers her Grace here in Sri Amruthapuri Ramanuja Yogavanam.  With eyes abounding in mercy, lips which are always parted in a beautiful smile, the radiance in Mother’s face indicate that she has seen all the Chaturyugas ( Four Yugas), and it is as though the eyes and face look and welcome us by saying ‘Radiate, Radiate, Radiate’; the radiance of her form is such that it makes us at once enthralled and spells an end to the curse of this Life. Panchami (Fifth day after the full or new moon) in the month of Karthigai is celebrated with fanfare for this mother.
“Tadvakshasthala Nityavasa Rasikaam Tatkshanthi Samvardhinim
  Padmalankrutha Pani Pallava Yugam Padmaasanastham Sriyam
  Vaatsalyaadi Gunojwalaam Bagavathim Vande Jaganmaatharam”
  So goes the Prapatthi
 For people who light a lamp of ghee on their navel in the Thayar Sannathi, she Blesses   them with good progeny; for those who worship her with ‘Maavilaku’ on Fridays, their ‘kula deivam’s ( Personal God) Grace and good health is also attained. For those who worship by reciting Mahalakshmi Stotram, she Blesses with Lakshmi Kataksham; for those who light a lamp of Ghee, she Blesses with a long life; for those who do a nivedanam (offering) of honey, and give this honey to children, there is no doubt whatsoever that these children shine in their studies. For those who worship with red lotuses, Madhuravalli Thayar gives them relief from all their problems.  By worshipping her with Senbaga Malar (Hibiscus Flower), one finds remedy for all confusion that prevails in one’s family, litigations are also resolved and one attains mental peace. By worshipping with Jaadipoo and Mullaipoo, harmonious relationship in one’s family and mental peace is also possible.

     Nirai Manakkum Arul Vilake| Ninga Anbin
     Nei Manakkum sudar villake| Nernda Nenjil
     Porai manakkum pon villake| Pudu maadathil
     Poo manakkum pugazh villake| Pottrum bakthi
     Murai manakkum thai villake| Moittha manjal
     Muga manakkum kula villake| kumkumamcher
     Irai manakkum mani villake| ellam niye
     Ezhil manakkum madhuravalli thiru villake.
For 48 days by lighting a lamp (kutthu villaku) and by reciting the sloka above, all problems or confusion in one’s life are resolved and one finds a new life; this is a promise. For fulfilling the 48 days of observance of the vow, one has to offer Chakkari Thaligai, Thirumanjanam and Nevedhiyam.
      Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu
      Lakshmi rupena samsthitha |
      Namas Thasyai Namas Thasyai
      Namas Thasyai Namo Namaha||
The Goddess who resides in all life forms as Lakshmi, that Goddess do I worship.

Sri Andal

The Goddess of Thiruvadipooram, Kodai Nachchiyar Sri Andal, is present here in Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam the same way she is present in Kizhthirupathi, Sri Govindaraja Peruman Sannathi and in the same manner she is present by the side of Srivilliputhur Sri Rangamannar; Soodikodutha Sudarkodi Sri Andal, with a parrot on top of the lotus in her right hand, appears as though she is trying to covey some message through the parrot to the Lord; she also has her two eyes wide open, proving that she is ‘Bhumipiratti’ (Goddess of the Earth) and that she is an ‘Amsam’ of Sri Bhudevi; She Blesses all devotees who seek her and her enchanting form here is such that she makes the devotees look at her again and again.  There was a wonder that took place here for people to realize that her ‘Sannidhyam’ (Her Presence) is very much present here.   On 29.01.2007, when the Kumbhabishekam or Samprokshanam was being done, Sri Srivilliputthur Srivadabadrasai’s Prasadam and the parrot which is in Sri Andal’s hand and the Garland which was worn by Sri Andal were brought to us by the Bhattars from Sri Villiputhur’s Sannidhanam.  Everyone present here were awed at the fact that this should happen at the appropriate moment at the time of the Samproksahanam. When enquired as to how they came to the Yogavanam at the appropriate moment, one aged Archakar from the team replied with tears in his eyes, saying that Sri Andal had appeared in his dream and ordered that they dedicate to Amruthapuri Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam Sri Srinivasa Peruman, the Garland that is worn by her and the parrot that is in her hand along with Vadabadrasai’s Prasadam.  Just as the Garland that is worn by Sri Andal reaches Sri Srinivasa Peruman of Thirumala on the Garuda Seva day,  in the same manner, it reached Amruthapuri Sri Srinivasa Peruman in Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam. This also proves the fact that Thirumalai Vasan and Amruthapuri Vasan are not in any way different.  So, for people who worship this Andal, we may understand that Sri Govindan’s Grace is a certainty; the Govindan who is always free of any failings.
Sri Andal fulfils the wishes of devotees who worship her with offerings of Senthamarai, Ambal, Magizhampoo and Jadimalli and by offering a lamp lit with Ghee.
On every Friday or every month, the day on which ‘Pooram’ Star falls, for those who worship by doing ‘Neeranjanam’ in Sri Andal’s Sannathi, all their works and desires get fulfilled and it is like Nithyasri or Nithyamangalam for them.