Deities of the Amrutapuri- Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam

In this world, for us to attain salvation in this birth, Sri Taramatha Sametha Bhagavan Srimad Swami Sri Seetharama Swamigal have consecrated Sri Mantra Raja, Nagapasa Amruthakalasa Garuda Bhagavan and Sri Sankata Vimochana Sanjeevi Hanuman on the back side of the same stone. 
Sri Garuda Bhagavan is not only Srimad Narayanan’s vehicle, he is also a ‘Nitya Soori’. He is always waiting on Srimad Narayan and ever ready to receive and carry out his orders.    

  “ Kumkumankitha varnaaya
       Kundhendavalaaya cha |
       Vishnu Vahana Namas
       Thubyam Pakshirajaaya Te Namaha||
He has in his right hand, the amrutha kalasam, and on his upper left hand, the Nagarajan named Vasuki;  on the other two folded hands, after vanquishing the Asuras, his form is such as to indicate that he is dedicating the Vedas and the ‘Mantra Chuvadis’ (palm leaves on which the mantras are written); from his head to foot, he is adorned with 12 Nagas.

people who worship him:

  1. Victory in legal battles or litigations is for sure.
  2.  One gets one’s release from imprisonment.
  3. One is rid of fears on account of poisonous bites.
  4. One is rid of fear from dangerous or dreaded animals.

 Having a dharshan of Garuda Bhagavan on Thursdays is extremely beneficial. After lighting a lamp of ghee, if one were to do a nivedanam (offering) of bananas and chakkarai pongal ( a sweet offering where jaggery and rice are ingredients), one gets one’s desires fulfilled.  One gets ‘Karya Siddhi’ or victory in one’s efforts, by doing ‘chandana kappu’ (anointing a paste of sandalwood on the form of Sri Garuda) or with an offering of different kinds of fruits, ‘Pal Payasam’ ( a kind of porridge); and ‘Sooyan’ ( a sweet offering).
For those whom ‘Sarpa Dosham’ is indicated in their horoscopes, (sin on account of killing of snakes), for being rid of these Doshams, one has to offer a mixture of milk, honey and rose water and perform an abishekam to Vasuki on days on which the star ‘Oilyam’ or ‘Asleshadam’ rules or on panchami and sashti thithis ( fifth or sixth day after the new moon or full moon).  By doing this, one is rid of the ‘Sarpa Dosham’ and one is Blessed with success in one’s endeavors.


When Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana were struck by Brahma Astram and were lying on the ground unconscious, Hanuman carried the Sanjeevi Parvatham on his right hand and brought Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana to their senses and restored their strength back to them.  For destruction of enemies or foes, he has in his left hand his ‘Gada’ ( a weapon), and in order to warn that he is on his way he has a bell tied to his tail and comes with the sound of the bell.  As he gives a remedy to the predicament of Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana, he assumes a form that has in his right hand the Parvatham and he has his right leg put forward (Symbolic of victory).

 After lighting a lamp of Ghee, by offering bananas (entire stalk containing fruits to be offered), and a sweet offering made out of ‘Aval’ (flattened rice) where the ingredients are, ( Aval, 10 kilos, grated coconuts, cardamom, powder of dried ginger, nattu chakkarai (brown sugar) or jagerry powdered, honey, kalkandu (cubes of sugar), cashew nuts, kismiss), 1. One is sure to succeed in one’s exams. 2. One gets higher posts and promotions in one’s employment. 3. Success in litigations.  4. Victory in one’s endeavors.
Remedy for ill health and success in all works is possible by worshipping Sri Hanuman who is a Chiranjeevi ( one who is immortal), and with the Blessings of Sri Seetharama’s Grace.
By adorning the Lord with a garland made out of ‘Betel Leaves’, one is certain to be garlanded with success. Hanuman is pleased with an offering of ‘Vennai Kappu’ ( anointing him with butter), and ‘Vadai Malai’ ( a garland offering made of vadas).

Sri Kuberan

Only in some places he is worshipped by installing a sculpted statue form. The reason for Sri Srinivasa Perumal being so famous, celebrated in the whole world and for being the repository of all wealth is that there is a sannathi for Sri Kuberan here.  In a similar manner, those who worship Sri Amruthapuri Madhuravalli Nayika Sametha Sri Srinivasa Perumal of Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam, are rid of poverty and are Blessed with all wealth, and for this reason Sri Kuberan who has his place next to Sri Andal Sannathi, is showering his Blessings on all those who worship him along with Karpaga Vruksham, Kamadhenu and Sri Mahalakshmi. On Chitra Pournami (the full moon in the month of April), after performing a Lakshmi Pooja, if one does a Nivedanam of ‘Chakkarai Pongal’ (a sweet offering where rice and jaggery are ingredients) or ‘Pal Payasam’ (a kind of porridge), one is certain to benefit with all good things. In a manner such as to prove the saying, ‘ Where I am, Wealth is certain to abound’,
 “Om Srim, Hrim, Im, Kubera Lakshmai,
   Kamaladharinyai, Dhanaakarshinyai Swaha”
 If one were to worship Sri Kubera with the above Moola Mantra, one is Blessed with all Divine Grace and Wealth.
“ Padmaanane padma  ooru Padmakshi Padma Sambhave|
  Twam mam Bhajaswa Padmaakshi Yena Sowbhagyam Sapaamyaham”
  Rajaathi Raajaaya Prasahya Saahine Namo Vayam Vaisravaanaya Kurmahe|
  Sa Me Kamaan Kama Kaamaaya Mahyam Kaameswaro Vaissravano Dhadhatu||
  Kuberaaya Vaissravanaaya Mahaarajaya Namaha”

“ Hiranyavarnaam Harinim Suvarna
  Rajathasrajaam Chandraam Hiranmayim
  Lakshmim Jathavedo Ma Aavaha”
There is not the slightest doubt that those who worship Kuberan are rid of poverty and are Blessed with Wealth.  On Fridays, by lighting a lamp of Ghee, by doing a Nivedanam (Offerring) of Chakkarai Thaligai (Sugar), and if one were to worship him, one is Blessed with Dhanam (Money), Dhanyam (Rice and grains), Sampathu (Wealth).