Deities of the Amrutapuri- Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam

Sri Vishvaksenar

The same way in which first place is accorded to Vinayakar in Sivaagamas and the first pooja is done to Vigneswarar, similarly the worship of Vishwaksenar is accorded prime importance in Vaishnavam. For being free from any obstacles in any work that is undertaken, tradition holds that it is only after worship of Vishwaksenar that any other worship needs to be done. For this reason, if Sri Vishwaksenar who has manifested himself in Sri Ramanuaja Yogavanam is worshipped, all our works are Blessed with Success.

Sri Periya Thiruvadi - Garudar

Sri Garudan who has manifested himself in Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam facing Sri Srinivasa Perumal, is one who bestows boons sought by his devotees.  He is as powerful as the stone Garudan in Nachchiyar temple.  Thirup pavadai which is adorned on Sri Srinivasa Peruman or Anna Kodi Urchavam  is performed before Sri Garudan.  So he is one who is a ‘Sakshi Bhutam’ (Witness), and adept in fulfilling all the works.  The tip of the nose of this Garuda Bhagavan and the visual faculty of his two eyes, and the ‘Thiruvadi’ (feet of the Lord), of Sri Srinivasa Perumal are situate in one straight line in this ‘Kshetra’ or temple and this happens to be the ‘Kshetra Visesham’ or distinctive feature of this temple.
Therefore, for those who worship him, it is as though with folded hands he is praying for his devotees to be Blessed with ‘Gnana’ of two kinds viz., Paragnanam and Aparagnanam. For those who worship him by lighting a lamp of Ghee, he in turn worships the Lord on our behalf and gives us ‘karya siddhi’ or ‘success in undertakings’. He is the Pakshirajan who is also known as Vainateyan.