Deities of the Amrutapuri- Sri Ramanuja Yogavanam

Sri Kethu Bhagavan

Punitha Kalathi Nathan becomes Kethu
 Sri Kethu Bhagavan has his place in Sri Vinayakar’s Left Leg Important things for Sri Kethu’s worship
Ratnam (Gem)                   :Vaiduryam (Lapis Lazuli)
Pushpam (Flower)                : Sevvalli ( Red Lilly)
 Vaganam (Vehicle or mount)   : Aadu (Goat)
Dhanyam (cereal)         :  Kollu (horse gram)
 Samith ( Twigs used for worship)  :  Dharbai (A Kind of Grass)   
Vastram (Cloth) :  Multi Colored Cloth

Sri Kethu Bhagavan’s Gayathri Mantram

"  Aswadwajaya  Vidmahe
 Soolahastaaya Dimahi
 Thannah Kethuh Prachodayat "

On 9 saturdays, by circumambulating 9 times (Pradakshinam), and by prostrating 9 times (Namaskarams), and by doing a Nivedanam (Offerring) of Modakam (54 or 108 in number), and by worshipping with Navadhanya Deepam, one is rid of Kala Sarpa Dosham, one is also rid of any problem relating to poisonous bites.
To sum up, if one were to worship Sri Navagraha Vinayakar, by circumambulating and prostrating before him 36 times, ( 9 times for Vinayaka, 9 times for Navagrahas, 9 times for Narasimha and 9 times for whatever we had prayed for), we get what we want, our aspirations come true, fame is achieved and all happiness is attained.

Sri Yoga Narasimhar

 By worshipping Yoga Narasimhar who is borne by Adiseshan, one is benefited by  ‘Gaja Kesari Yogam’. He confers his Divine Grace on us just like he had conferred his Grace on the child Prahalada.
On five Pradoshams or three Swathi Nakshatram days, by doing a Nivedanam of ‘Panagam’ (jaggery mixed water) mixed with honey,  or ‘Chakarai Pongal’( a kind of sweet where jaggery and rice are ingredients), one is rid of any dangers from enemies. One also finds a solution to ‘Aapichara Prayogam’ (Witchcraft or Sorcery), like pilli, soonyam, eval, vaippu.  Success in exams, Success in litigations, success in staana balam etc are also achieved.
Moreover, people who buy new vehicles may bring these vehicles to this place and do a pooja which is helpful in avoiding accidents.