Kanchi Maha Periyavar
About Swamiji

Jai Seetharam!
Born as the last Child of the divine Parents, Sri Srinivasa Iyengar- Srimathi Chellamma, in Ramanathapuram, Swami was divinely unique since his Childhood. It was so distinctive that Neighbors in His Village would use to caution his friends that, not to talk or behave as silly as they would with their usual peer boys.

Ramanathapuram is situated in Southern Tamilnadu on the tail end portion of India that leads to Palk Strait that connects India and Sri Lanka. This is called as Sethu, since the age of Ramayana, where the Bridge to reach Lanka was built.

The Lord chose our Swami for carrying out His Tasks in this part of the world, acclaiming him as ‘Sethuvil kadaitha Nal-muthu’. Precious Pearl found in the Sea of Sethu.
Swami did his education and was employed in a Government Department till He was ordered by the Lord Himself, to get relieved from the usual course of worldly life and fully dedicate to the Service of the Society.

People, who associate oneself, so close to an Avatara-purusha, needs to be another Avatara, coming down for some purpose. Such is the divine Mata Tara, Srimathi to our Swami, who was not only a mortal support, but also the divine support, by Manasa - Vaccha - Kaayam. With the abled support of Sri Matha, Swami could dedicate to the fullest to the service of the Lord, by Supporting, Guiding and sheltering the needy devotees.

Swami relieve people from all turmoil, may it be financial, medical, psychological or spiritual, with such a Divine prowess, that who believes Him to the core, achieves it more, without any extra effort. Devotees, who have experienced and benefitted from, His divinity, would affirm that, HE is the one WHO shows, directs and does. And they have no part, unto be faithful to Him.

As promised by the Lord Sri Oppiliappan, Annan Peruman of Thirunageswaram, near Kumbakonam, the Lord Himself, sits on Swami’s tongue during the Arul Vakku. For the past 37 years, Arul Vakku is being uttered by Swami in Niketan and Amruthapuri.
Arul Vakku is utterance of Prophecy (oracle) by a divine person, when he is in divinely state.
Arul Vakku as a relgious custom was being followed only Sri Oppiliappan temple, Thirunageswaram, a Village near Kumbakonam. Here, on the Day of Thiruvonam( Sravanam – star), person of spiritually high order, holds a special lamp and comes around the main prakaram( place just outside the sanctom sanctorum in the temples, where devotees Go around). On the way to complete a Pradakshinam(one round around), he utters prophecy for very few people, who come in hold of him. It is not an organized event, for the purpose of telling the prophecy to each and every person around.

But at Amruthapuri, as undertaken by the Lord, He stays for about 3 hours to deliver His Vakku, to every needy devotee, who is in the crowd, waiting for the highest divine answer for his prayers.,
Till date, ever since, Lord has started speaking thru Arul Vakku, Swami is the only person, who has crossed conducting more than 500 Thiruvona Deepam.
Devotees who believed and benefitted, would confirm that it’s the Voice of Lord Himself, since the every untold misery, every whisper that devotee speaks to himself with God’s consciousness, every prayer cried in front of the Lord, is being answered here. Swami, usually quotes ‘Ennathin Prathibalippu thaan Perumal Vakku’ - the Prophecy uttered by Him is nothing but the deliberation of thoughts. This Proves that even every thought is being Heard.
Common phrases about the God used in communities across the World, is proved true here. And people of any community, who believe in the Almighty is welcomed here, in the same hands and with the same heart.

Devotees who has been with Swami since His start of such a sanctimonious journey, express their in depth gratitude and faith in such a way that, He is the only resort for all their graves and gains. He is part and parcel of their life, body and soul. Without His blessings and guidance; they would not have survived in this vicious life, in the age of Kali.
The Guru through whom, these Divine tasks have been ordained to Swamiji is none other than His Holiness Sri Kanchi periyava. Sri Periyava not only put him into this Divine task, but also Titled Swamiji as ‘bhagawan’, as he is the rescue to the surrendered, guide to the seeker and Lord to the Believed.

He is the Light; in the Age of Dark
He is the Vision; to see the Light after Dark
He is the Path; towards the Destiny
He is the Cart; who takes us to the Almighty. Jai Seetharam !!